Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubt, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

  • What’s the minimum order for a paella?

    The minimum order for a paella is 15 adults.

  • Can you adapt your recipes if any special food requirements?

    Of course! It doesn’t matter if that’s for food intolerance issues or personal preferences… our recipes might be adapted.

  • How long do you need to cook the paella?

    We arrived about 3 hours before the scheduled time to serve the paellas.

  • How long in advance do we need to book?

    We are a small company with a limited team of chefs, and that’s how we like to keep it. Book as soon as possible to secure your date.

  • Do you ask for a deposit?

    Yes, we ask for 30% deposit when making the booking in order to confirm it.

  • Do you refund the deposit if a cancellation happens?

    Yes, you can read our cancellation policy here.

  • How do you serve the paellas?

    As you like it, they can be served on a buffet or served on the table. Waiting service is not included in the price.

  • Do you provide the tableware too?

    We can offer you, at an additional cost, single-use tableware from an eco-friendly palm leaf line. And we can also arrange rental of ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery.

  • Do you bring all the cooking equipment?

    Yes, our nomad kitchen has everything needed to cook almost everywhere.

  • Do you offer starters o snacks?

    Yes, on our menu, you will find different types of starters to complement the meal; we also offer salads and ham cutter service.

  • Is it possible to ask different kind of paellas?

    Of course! For each additional type of paella, there is a supplement of €80.

  • Do you provide drinks?

    In our menu, you will find different beverage options, including wine, beer, water, sangria… Additionally, we have a list of friendly wineries in Mallorca with an excellent selection of local wines.