“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw.

 La Valenciana

EL TEXT ALTA classic. Three different meats with seasonal vegetables, a rosemary touch and “garrofó” beans

“Blind” Paella

ciega_carneAs it has boneless meat, it is also called “Marquis rice”. You can eat it without looking or dirty your hands

Black rice

negra_mariscoDelicious rice cooked with the squid ink and served with a powerful & lovely homemade allioli.

 Fish “Blind”

ciega_pescadoTaste it as a marquis or a princess and enjoy it as a king. It’s always a big success at parties and large events, buffets…

Fish & seafood

mariscoTaste all the Mediterranean flavours from our “fumet”, a stock prepared with fresh fish.


f_marisco Created long time ago for some humble fishermen who one day forgot the rice… that was the miraculous beginning!

The Vegan

vegetarianaMade with plenty of different seasonal & fresh vegetables, legumes, tofu or seaweeds… delicious!

 Black Fideuà

f_negraAnd if we add the squid ink? Have you tasted it? With homemade allioli… gives you super black power!

We are sure that even the most exigent palates will fall in love with our paellas.